Culture meets fiber in my three-dimensional work. My abstract quilts combine fashion design and the rhythmic pulse of the Hip-Hop vibe and expression that I hold close. To bypass the viewer's critical faculties, to appeal to their emotions and personal associations, much like a secret, can unlock a memory by creating spontaneous variations that follow no physical law, no up or down, and not ruled by gravity. Collected textiles both solid and textured, my pieces embrace the suprematism movement— featuring an aggressive mingling of colors, shapes, and forms representing pure artistic intuition.

Much of my work is influenced and grown from my own introverted and overprotected youth. The other paradigm I source from is visceral; that of the Hip-Hop culture and music originating from the African American, Latino American, and Caribbean American artists that birthed the genre. 

I listen to rap when I work, where lyrics and rhythm undoubtedly influence the shape and form of each piece. This amalgamation of my own experience fused with the multi-genre art is a showcase of my own heritage. The resulting body of work a testament to my own impact I aim to forge in the tapestry of Black art history. 

While coding and symbolism play significant roles in certain pieces, I make an effort not to force a narrative. Interpretation is best left to the audience. While I partake my emotion within my work, viewers are encouraged to leave the gallery with their own ideas. Their own unique and individual connections they sew often complete the artistic process. 

Art is important. My work showcases and voices concerns I believe are of paramount importance. 

The intimate touch— sewing, dyeing, cutting, is what elevates the medium I work in. Ultimately that ability to leave people with something they can touch and feel is what spurred my transition from photography to fiber. 

The history of textiles, and my own cultural roots, offers a unique perspective where my work can connect. Extending the existing boundaries of the quilt genre, my goal is for my own work to further the newest chapter in the history of American art. 

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